Sunday, November 7, 2010

A little late

I'm pretty sure that posting Halloween pictures this late is equivalent to putting a Christmas tree up in January. However, I got out from under my rock and took a quick trip to Houston and now I'm behind a bit on blogging.

To be honest... I am not to fond of the holiday. I hate what it represents, I hate all the candy, and the waste of money on costumes. The skulls, witches, and skeletons are a bit much for me. Not sure what our stance will be in the future, but this year the kids had a "parade" and party at school and we participated.


Jacks favorite part by far was the eating.


Collins shares my feelings for this crazy holiday...

Glad its over.


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Lisa said...

Hi, I'm not so fond of it either. We used to celebrate all saints day on the next day...or you can just roll with it and not take it so seriously. Om are we broken up b/c I miss you.