Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Collins turned 3

I am a little late getting this out, but my sweet Collins turned 3!!!


My little love nugget is absolutely the sweetest thing. Don't get me wrong... he is a handful, and keeps me on my toes all the time. He can be completely exhausting. Period.


But I am so in love with him!!! He makes my heart melt and has us completely wrapped around his little finger.


He is the spitting image of his daddy in looks and in personality.


It has been an honor to be his mom the last three years! He is quite simply a blessing that I will never be able to adequately describe!


Thursday, November 3, 2011


October is my favorite time of year, and this year has been no exception!

( Wouldn't it be awesome if just once everyone smiled authentically at the same time!!! )

We have been to so many festivals, block parties, and pumpkin patches!! Unfortunately, my camera has had a dead battery for most of the month! However, it was up and functioning for one pumpkin patch ;)





I would like to take just a second and brag on my boys daddy! Can I tell you that I am the luckiest girl around?!?! He has been such a rock, supporter, and spiritual leader for this family! He has gotten up with the boys through the night and early in the morning so that I can sleep! He runs out and gets my every craving ( and I have lots this go around :). He is just the best husband I could have wished for. I love him so much!! Ohh, and did I mention he was a hottie :)

OK, Back to the patch... :) :) :) :)



Collins was very curious if baby Brooks would eat like the cow eats, I tried to explain in a very gentle way that he would be eating slightly differently from mommy. Turns out Jack remembers more than one would think about how Collins ate as a babe... he was more than willing to share his knowledge! Help me Lord!

Needless to say... C was slightly confused after that conversation.


Sorry I have been so absent from this blog. Blogging is just far from my priority list these days. I do want to keep it going for a journal for my boys though! Hopefully I will ;)