Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Play Ball


We have been wanting to take the boys to some Auburn games this season, so we decided to do a trial run and start small... A Barons game. It went pretty good. They loved eating junk food ( just like their mom ) but once that was over, they became restless. It was no big deal because the Barons games are anything but crowded so they had plenty of room to roam. However, this will not be the case at the BIG games. Soooooo I am thinking they aren't quite ready... which means we need babysitters... any takers???

Jack loved eating ice cream out of the hat. ( i loved that too as a kid )

He did get into the game for a moment, but overall Collins had way more interest in what was happening on the field.

After my food was gone, I was caught up on how much better baseball knickers look as opposed to full pants. So much cuter with everything meeting at the knee :)

Collins getting down with the music.


Just let me know what Saturdays you are free :) :) :)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flower Power

I am on a kick {shocking}. I live on kicks... they change on a weekly basis.

My kick this week...



Brendan use to buy me flowers all the time. And finally I had to break it to him...

" Honey, I appreciate the flowers but with $4 dollars left in the bank, a bouquet of flowers that will die in days kinda makes me sick at my stomach."

So just like that... these stopped:

Well praise the LORD, those days are gone!!! And now I have changed my mind!

Me: Baby it sure would be nice and romantic if you would bring me flowers ever once in a while.

Bren: I thought you didn't want flowers. You claimed that they are nothing but a waste of money that make you sick at your stomach.

Me: Well, times have changed, I want flowers now. Not roses though, nope I'm not a rose gal. I want flowers!

Bren: WOMEN!!! ( next day what did he bring home ????? )

Flowers, glorious, beautiful, flowers.


Now they are covering every surface :)


In case you were wondering... I did sell the dining room table and I am in the process of redoing the room. I am still waiting on Bren to make my farm table, so in the meantime this is what things look like...
( I still haven't sold the clock and wall table so that's why I am only picturing half the room )


Monday, August 23, 2010

A quick escape

Brendan and I got a wild hair last week and decided to pack up and take a quick trip to Chattanooga. I thought it might help me with the "end of summer rut" I seem to be in. I knew the boys would like getting out of the house as well.

Can I just say... I love this place

There is something so warm and inviting about Chattanooga. Every time we go we love to explore the whole area. We try to eat where the locals eat and visit places off the beaten path. However, with kids in tow, we sought out fun places for them.

We scored big time when we landed at the Creative Children's Museum!!! This place was cool!!




A giant Operation Game. This was basically my favorite game ever growing up...

Jack was climbing zits {yuck}

I am not sure who had more fun there... them or us!!

As with any place we go, we spent a lot of time on the streets walking. We loved crossing the river on the BIG walking bridge...
( Check out that hottie pushing the stroller ;) .... He's mine

The trip was a big success. We had the most success ever in a hotel with two kids :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm over it!

While I have enjoyed vacationing, having no schedule, eating trash, not exercising, and sipping on smoothies everyday...



I am so ready for normalcy!!!

- ready for preschool.

- ready to get back to running.

- ready for a fireplace with roaring fires.

- ready for Auburn Football.

- ready to ditch the trash food and embrace organics again.

- ready to wear scarfs and jackets.

OHHHHHHH.... I am so ready!!

Please leave summer, you are no longer welcomed, I am OVER you!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Rotten Apples

Well, the moment we all have been waiting for has arrived!

The apples are ready to harvest. I would be slightly more thrilled if the apples weren't rotten. Not sure what went wrong, but all the apples have black spots on them {YUCK}.

Jack has been begging everyday to pick the apples, so rotten or not, he was super excited.


This was the best looking one...

Our neighbor tasted and reported it to be yummy, I will just take her word on that :)

Only one of our four fruit trees produced fruit, so I won't be making apple preserves, or apple pies this year! Maybe next year...

COLLINS was ok with apple picking, but he would much rather be on the deck building...

We have put lots of lumber, nails, screws, hammers, and drills on the deck for them to play with and keep out of the sun. { safe... I know }

They love it!... this little boy especially :)