Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flower Power

I am on a kick {shocking}. I live on kicks... they change on a weekly basis.

My kick this week...



Brendan use to buy me flowers all the time. And finally I had to break it to him...

" Honey, I appreciate the flowers but with $4 dollars left in the bank, a bouquet of flowers that will die in days kinda makes me sick at my stomach."

So just like that... these stopped:

Well praise the LORD, those days are gone!!! And now I have changed my mind!

Me: Baby it sure would be nice and romantic if you would bring me flowers ever once in a while.

Bren: I thought you didn't want flowers. You claimed that they are nothing but a waste of money that make you sick at your stomach.

Me: Well, times have changed, I want flowers now. Not roses though, nope I'm not a rose gal. I want flowers!

Bren: WOMEN!!! ( next day what did he bring home ????? )

Flowers, glorious, beautiful, flowers.


Now they are covering every surface :)


In case you were wondering... I did sell the dining room table and I am in the process of redoing the room. I am still waiting on Bren to make my farm table, so in the meantime this is what things look like...
( I still haven't sold the clock and wall table so that's why I am only picturing half the room )



Jaime said...

you sound like me! i was a "not a flower girl" and now i want them all the time! i buy them for myself when i shop at publix. you can get 3 fun bouquets for either $10 or $12 (depending on if they are having a sale or not).

NotAlone said...

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Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.