Sunday, May 24, 2009

A couple of first's

Well, I feel like I am always blogging about Collins these days, but at the age he is, he is just doing a lot of first's. The past couple of days have been no exception. We dusted off the highchair and brought it up on Monday. Collins looked so cute and little in a big highchair. Although he continually slides down in it, he is enjoying sitting up like a big boy. He is also loving eating puffs, and it buys me a few moments to get dinner ready. He also got his first set of wheels this week and LOVES riding around like his big bro'. Both the boys love being outside, so most days you can find us having a picnic at Overton Park. If I can ever get my act together I am going to plan some playdates so all the kiddos can get together and play!
In other news... I am not losing weight as rapidly as I had hoped... only 1.5 pounds if you were wondering. I feel like I am eating much better most days and I am running frequently. I am hopeful these pounds are going to leave me soon. If anyone has any great tips... other than catch a stomach a virus... let me know!!!
I think a BOB stroller would help... hint, hint, Brendan :)
"Now where did I put that puff"?
Does this hair-do look familiar?
"What is this stuff?"
"Not as yummy as it looks"
On our way to a wedding, we do get dressed up on a rare occassion!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


My body!!!! OK, I am missing the body I once had!! I have taken it till I can take it no longer! I am determined to lose my last 10 pounds of baby weight ( from my pregnancy with Jack ). I am learning that this is going to take a lot longer than I had originally hoped. I have been running again and trying to eat better... except today...I ate really bad today!!! I promised Brendan that by our anniversary I will be alot closer to my old body... that is what he married. I am hoping to wear a two-piece proudly again. I do have one thing that I don't think I will be able to get rid of....stretch marks miracle marks!
Please help me, come run with me, honk at me if you see me in a drive thru!! I want my body back!!
*Reward if found*
bathing suit

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday, Beach, and Brotherhood

My Sweet Blessing has turned three!!!! Last week Jack turned 3 and we had a great party to celebrate. Jack loved all of his friends coming over and getting to take cupcakes to school. Seriously, I cannot believe it has been 3 years. We have hardly know anything but life with Jack ( we got preggo with him 1.5 months after we got married ) and I can't imagine it any other way. He is such a gift and we love him so very much!!
His special gift from us was a little Trek bicycle. He has been wanting a bike ever since me and Brendan dusted ours off to start riding again. I'm kinda a bike snob so I couldn't hang with a spiderman bike... although he probably would have gotten more excited about that. Hope he likes riding as much as I do!
After his birthday we headed south for a little vacationing. We spent a couple days at The Grand Point Clear. It was AMAZING!!! I would highly suggest you visit there if you ever get a chance- It reminded me of a sandals resort. I loved it so much that we will be heading back in a month to celebrate our anniversary. Next, we headed for Gulf Shores for the week. Jack LOVED playing in the sand and Collins loved napping, so it worked well. It was such a great vacation and I am feeling refreshed!
In other news... Collins is getting into everything!! Its so funny to see him get after Jack's toys. No matter where you put him, he will find his way to the toys. Jack's not sure what to think about this. One thing is for sure... they are establishing a strong brotherhood. I love it!! We prayed when we were pregnant with Collins that the boys would have a strong bond, so its exciting to see that root being established.
Well, I have a ton of pics to share....
Thanks for looking,