Monday, November 23, 2009

A break...

This past weekend we embarked on what has now come to be the Annual Family Callaway Garden Trip. It included a return trip to the Wildlife Safari...
The animals clearly wanted us for lunch...
While I was busy making a photo op... this wild thing was about to eat Collins!
Jack... he was busy driving! He loved the animals!
Part of the family... (Jack wanted NOTHING to do with pictures)
We also went to Fantasy in Lights at Callaway which was really pretty. Sorry, but I didn't get any great pics of the lights.
Collins loved the lights!
Jack wanted NO publicity!
...ok maybe a little
It was a nice weekend away... however, I am looking forward to a trip that involves leaving the kiddos behind ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ggolly I'm talkin about Gdiapers again!

OK, I'm not trying to bore the general public with more cloth diapering info. However, for the VERY FEW that are interested in them, I received this kit...
With these coupons...
Are you interested??? I would love to send them your way!
Ahhh the questions :
-Are Gdiapers perfect? NO
-Do I love them? YES
While we do have some minor problems with them, I have grown to soooooo appreciate them. We have only gone through one box of diapers in the last six months!
-Are we so poor we can't afford disposables? NO... cloth diapering isn't about economics for us, we just believe its better for baby and better for the environment... AND... the more we save the more we can give... So its better for the Kingdom!!!
-Are you constantly doing laundry? YES, but it has nothing to do with cloth diapers! I actually just throw the diapers in with our regular laundry. I do have the advantage of an HE Steam Washer that makes that possible.
-Are there other great cloth diaper brands out there? YES. Gdiapers just happened to be running a great deal when I decided to make the switch. I think that if you are committed to the cause, and willing to go through diapering trials, you will be pleased with any brand. There are so many great ones out there!
-Does your life revolve around diapering? NO... It revolves around him...
and him...
and him...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A rare picture of Jack not holding his hand up screaming, " NO MORE PICTURES MOM!"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Acquiring the perfect pic...

Trying to get the perfect picture...
is not always easy...
with little boys that would rather play in the grass...
...or put little brother in a headlock!
But for that perfect pic...
... it's so worth it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Office space

Ok, I have been very vague about the business that Brendan (along with my brother) just launched. I would love to share details, but at this point, I just can't. I can say that things are really looking great, and God is blessing us far more than we deserve... doesn't he always!
The main office is in Huntsville for which we have office space leased, however, due to the fact that more business is coming to Birmingham than we had anticipated we are needing office space here. Somehow my sewing room turned into that space. Since the business has nothing to do with fabric and needles we had to do a little rearranging. I must say I do like the new look...
And the new desk...
It came from World Market - I love that store!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vulcan 10k

Finished what I started 10 weeks ago! The goal was the vulcan 10k and my finishing time was 1:01:14!
So proud of Brendan too! He joined the running group a few weeks after me and has done amazing! 10 weeks ago he could not run to the end of the street without barfing... he ran 6.2 miles with no problems! He will quickly tell you that this group saved his life.
My mother-in-law also was in the group and did awesome! When the group first started, running half a lap was difficult... she ran the Vulcan without stopping!
She did feel a little dizzy afterwards and had to make a pit stop...
Post race festivities...
To top off the race, I won a door prize! It is an hour long massage!
Yogurt Mountain was also a sponsor and I got lots of coupons...sweet!
It was a good day, it was a good run!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The quest is over...

For the perfect jeans that is!
Gasp! Certainly I would not pay $200 for a pair a jeans?!?!
Of course not!! I let rich people buy them, decide they don't need them, and trade them in for another pair!
Seriously, SOCA in Homewood has a huge selection of lightly worn designer jeans in the back of the store all for $50! How great is that?
So to rich people... continue buying your high dollar jeans! Just remember to "go green" and recycle them at SOCA so us poor folks can afford them!

My days are consumed with...

A little boy that loves spaghetti...
And when he is finished...
He disposes of his plate and makes another mess for me to clean up...

My days are also filled with major laundry! Brendan goes through tons of clothes, I seriously don't know how his mother raised him and 3 others! She must have been buried in laundry!
This is his t-shirts alone for 3 days...
And Carharts... don't get me started on them. Those pants are so stiff and thick, one takes up half the washer. Bren thinks they are "manly" and a must for any real builder... I think if he did the laundry he would give these up for some much thinner pants.
No pants should be able to do this...

While my days are not consumed with anything glamorous, I certainly wouldn't trade this job for anything!