Monday, April 21, 2008

So much to Blog about!

Well, first things first.... Good news today at the Doctors, everything is progressing very well with the baby. We had a good strong heartbeat of 160!!! So I feel like I can take a sigh of relief till I start worrying about the big ultrasound May 27. I am just believing that the delays in the beginning didn't harm the baby and praying for 10 fingers and 10 toes! I'll keep you updated... and by the way everyone around here thinks its a little girl ( but I have been wrong with my gender guesses here lately ) - we will find out soon enough though!

Jack has been his usually busy self - although he is taking a 4 hour nap right now! Yesterday when Brendan picked him up from nursery the teacher told Brendan the she was amazed at how well he behaved and how polite he was! She bragged at what a joy he was to keep!!! Wow, how encouraging that is to hear as a parent. Somedays I feel like we go round and round - spanking, time-out, spanking, time-out. I know that in order to shepard Jack the way the God calls us to as parents requires those difficult days, but can I tell you how nice it is to see the fruits of your labor!! Especially since we have made the joyful sacrifice for me to stay home so we can ensure that Jack is "being trained in the way he should go". My paycheck comes in the form of a little boy who is learning to follow the steps of his Heavenly Father. Can I tell you, I'll cash that pay check anyday before the one that requries a bank. Sure, we live in a smaller house, we own 1 vehicle, I can't tell you when the last time I went shopping, and I also can't tell you how many times we have been asked, " so where are you guys going to put another baby??".... Those things mean NOTHING in the real scheme of things. Of couse I struggle with those desires ( and I am beginning to wonder where we are going to put another baby =) but, I'll take those struggles to watch a little boy put his hands together to bow and pray and to hear a sweet AMEN and to hear from his Sunday school teacher that he is such a sweet spirited little boy!

Now, just a few of the latest pictures. I laugh because most of you have pictures of your child growing up in the rocking chair.. I have pictures of Jack growing up in his car!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Not too much to blog about.

Well, I haven't been the best blogger. I have been so busy keeping up with a toddler that I am too exhausted to take pictures and blog- hopefully my energy will be returning soon! Me and Jack have just been hanging out and playing, Brendan has beening working 90% of the time even though he is now back from training. I go back to the Doctors next Monday so hopefully things will be looking very good. Sorry about the boring blog - I'll be sure the next one is more exciting!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Party of five... Table for four

As many of you know we lost a sweet baby December 21, 2007. Although, I was only pregnant 9 weeks I very much loved that baby... and still do. I have felt like a mother of two since then, even though only one baby fills my arms. Well, although we certainly do not deserve it, God has decided to bless us with another child! I decided from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I was going to love this baby , whether it be for 9 weeks or 90 years. When I went for my first Doctors appt. it appeared that I may not have long to love this baby. The baby was not growing as it should be and had a slow heart rate. So I went home and prepared myself for the worst and prayed for the best. Well, let me tell you, when I went back for another appt. I almost fell off the table when I saw a much bigger baby and a fast heartbeat! I couldn't believe it... could it be this baby would live and be my miracle baby?!?!? Well, the initial prognosis was 50/50 survival chance, and while the updated ultrasound took us to a much higher percentage we still are not "out of the woods". The way I see it.... This baby is a fighter and we serve a loving God and I know he is going to take care of us and my sweet baby. I am just so excited for everyday that passes and I am believing that this miracle is going to grow to term! Baby is 10 weeks, 3 days, YIPPEE only 29 weeks, 4 days to go!
So the family is growing.. 1 big boy, 1 angel baby, and one miracle baby.
Whew.. and yes... all this while Brendan has been out of town - my emotions are spent!
Please pray for us and our sweet miracle and thank you for being such wonderful friends to us!

New Pictures!!

Just thought I would make a quick post with some new pictures over the last week.

Jack gets so tired after exercising!
Jack jogging

Jack with one of many Boo Boo's- so sad.
Jack booboo

Jack at Tyson's Birthday party - we love parties!!!
Jack fireman
Jack eating cake
Jacks friends
Jackwith addie