Friday, July 31, 2009

My G (green) Baby

Well, today we tossed our Huggies aside and started cloth diapering. Why??? You ask. Many reasons:
A: It takes 500 years for a huggies or pampers diaper to decompose!!! Something like 500 million diapers hit the landfill every year. It doesn't take a genius to decide that after a while this is going to become a HUGE problem.
B: A traditional diaper contains huge amounts of chlorine. Chlorine kills things in a pool. Now imagine that a very sensative part of your baby's body soaks that up 24hours a day. Some infertility and cancers are being linked to this very problem. I think this is an issue that will come to the surface soon, it kinda already has with organic disposable diapers being produced. Kinda like the BPA in bottles, I think we will see a change in the diaper industry soon. I just decided to do something before that.
C: Cloth diapers save money ( although the initial cost is high ) and they are very cute! There are so many brands and styles now... these are not your mommas cloth diapers.

Out with the old...
On with the new!!
( You can see the outer fabric (which comes in tons of colors and designs) and the inner waterproof liner. Just place a folded diaper rag inside...Voila! )

Ok, so I just started, but I love it so far!!!!! I can even say that after a aweful poopy diaper! I don't think everyone should follow in my footsteps, but I hope I have encouraged you to give the issue thought. I will post another blog about what you need and how you go about it once I figure it all out myself. For now though, its simple, easy, and Collins toosh has never looked cuter!!
I think all of our mothers scared us away from this. Don't be. Cloth diapering has come a LONG WAY! My only regret is not doing it sooner.
Guess having a G Baby makes me a G Momma! Maybe I'll take my granola self and go eat some hummus!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Table for 4

Tonight I embarked on a much needed project... recovering the aweful kitchen chairs. These chairs have been the "ugly duckling" in our kitchen for some time. The Table and chairs are very nice bought from Eathan Allen, the problem is the fabric they used is "country home", not exactly the look I am going for. On top of that, the table doesn't exactly fit. My plan was to give them a fresh look, then sell them. Although, with the new look I am growing fond of them. I must say I am glad my one day project is over. This project proved to be much like our other projects... argument starters. But, we must persevere and get things done!!
Not trilled, although I did 90% of this project.
Old fabric...
New fabric!
The final results!!

Total cost: $10.88
Makes me happy,

Monday, July 27, 2009

All in a day

Today has been a very busy day... and a good day! We got up, played, put dinner in the crock-pot, and off we went to McWain Science Center. We have a membership there and go occasionally, but this time I finally remembered my camera. We met our good friends the Scotts there. Jack and Tyson had a blast and Collins was able to get in on the fun! We came home, took naps, and away we went to Publix. When we got home we put the finishing touches on dinner, and baked a cake to suprise dad! He about fell out because the only time I bake a cake is to suprise him with the good news that we are pregnant. So he acted really funny about the cake and finally said with a suprisingly big grin on his face " So your Pregnant?". Ummmmm.... NO! When I was baking the cake that never crossed my mine, maybe I need to bake more cakes with no real big news behind them. We finished out the day with a trip to the gym and playing in the yard. Its been a good day.
Check out his teeth!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Umm..its been a while.

OK. So I took a little break from blogging. I have been slightly overwhelmed the past few weeks. After Brendan and I got back from our wonderful vacation to Point Clear the boys have been acting horrible! Not sure if they were just acting out because we left them or what. For two weeks it has been non-stop whinning and crying, ugh!!! I have been threatening to go back to work and daycare... although no one around here seems to be too scared! I must say the past few days have been better so hopefully we are back on the road to happiness! I wish being a stay at home mom had vacation days and sick days, I would have surely called in... it doesn't though... as any SAHM would agree. Maybe I need another vacation...hmmm..good idea!
Love Nugget is officially 9 months now. Much to my suprise the day passed with no pictures to mark the occasion. I will be sure to capture some soon though. We did finally hang his 3 month ( really 4 month ) pictures. Just like all picture hanging ceromonies around here, an argument broke out. Not sure why, but Brendan HATES hanging pictures! He says it takes me too long to make up my mind where I want them to go. Anyways, they are up. I took pics of the pics so you could see them!
If you were wondering how the weight loss is going... not so well. I bust my tail just about every day in the gym and the scale doesn't budge. I know I should eat better, but I LOVE food! Maybe one day I can give you the before and after pics that would make you gasp!
A common sight
Heather Cummans took these pics, I am crazy about her work!