Friday, July 31, 2009

My G (green) Baby

Well, today we tossed our Huggies aside and started cloth diapering. Why??? You ask. Many reasons:
A: It takes 500 years for a huggies or pampers diaper to decompose!!! Something like 500 million diapers hit the landfill every year. It doesn't take a genius to decide that after a while this is going to become a HUGE problem.
B: A traditional diaper contains huge amounts of chlorine. Chlorine kills things in a pool. Now imagine that a very sensative part of your baby's body soaks that up 24hours a day. Some infertility and cancers are being linked to this very problem. I think this is an issue that will come to the surface soon, it kinda already has with organic disposable diapers being produced. Kinda like the BPA in bottles, I think we will see a change in the diaper industry soon. I just decided to do something before that.
C: Cloth diapers save money ( although the initial cost is high ) and they are very cute! There are so many brands and styles now... these are not your mommas cloth diapers.

Out with the old...
On with the new!!
( You can see the outer fabric (which comes in tons of colors and designs) and the inner waterproof liner. Just place a folded diaper rag inside...Voila! )

Ok, so I just started, but I love it so far!!!!! I can even say that after a aweful poopy diaper! I don't think everyone should follow in my footsteps, but I hope I have encouraged you to give the issue thought. I will post another blog about what you need and how you go about it once I figure it all out myself. For now though, its simple, easy, and Collins toosh has never looked cuter!!
I think all of our mothers scared us away from this. Don't be. Cloth diapering has come a LONG WAY! My only regret is not doing it sooner.
Guess having a G Baby makes me a G Momma! Maybe I'll take my granola self and go eat some hummus!


Jaime said...

well, they do LOOK cute! i have a question...why is the velcro in the back and isn't that hard to get it on like that?? you'll have to give me a demonstration. you have peaked my curiosity now.

Rachael said...

Wooohooo! So proud of you, Courtney! I hope to be following in your footsteps in the next few months. :)

jj said...

Cute... you make me want to try it!