Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Table for 4

Tonight I embarked on a much needed project... recovering the aweful kitchen chairs. These chairs have been the "ugly duckling" in our kitchen for some time. The Table and chairs are very nice bought from Eathan Allen, the problem is the fabric they used is "country home", not exactly the look I am going for. On top of that, the table doesn't exactly fit. My plan was to give them a fresh look, then sell them. Although, with the new look I am growing fond of them. I must say I am glad my one day project is over. This project proved to be much like our other projects... argument starters. But, we must persevere and get things done!!
Not trilled, although I did 90% of this project.
Old fabric...
New fabric!
The final results!!

Total cost: $10.88
Makes me happy,


Rachael said...

GREAT job! They look fabulous!

Brandi said...

Very cute! I had planned on doing that to my first table post college. I recently sold it at a yard sale. I had them for over 8 years and never did it. They were not worth the effort though, they were from Big Lot and kinda tacky. :)

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

you did great!

The Zevacs said...

courtney....this is the same fabric i have on my dining room chairs!!!

Jaime said...

they look great!