Monday, July 27, 2009

All in a day

Today has been a very busy day... and a good day! We got up, played, put dinner in the crock-pot, and off we went to McWain Science Center. We have a membership there and go occasionally, but this time I finally remembered my camera. We met our good friends the Scotts there. Jack and Tyson had a blast and Collins was able to get in on the fun! We came home, took naps, and away we went to Publix. When we got home we put the finishing touches on dinner, and baked a cake to suprise dad! He about fell out because the only time I bake a cake is to suprise him with the good news that we are pregnant. So he acted really funny about the cake and finally said with a suprisingly big grin on his face " So your Pregnant?". Ummmmm.... NO! When I was baking the cake that never crossed my mine, maybe I need to bake more cakes with no real big news behind them. We finished out the day with a trip to the gym and playing in the yard. Its been a good day.
Check out his teeth!


Brandi said...

The cake story is cracking me up. Poor Brendan thought you were pregnant. I can't wait to start going to the McWayne Center. It looks like so much fun. However HC does enjoy the Publix space ships. When she sees them she starts kicking her legs and squealing. Her excitment got us the last one today. Some poor kid didn't get one but how could any mom turn down a precious giddy child? (The other kid was leaving she was just going to sit him in it for a minute so I didn't deprive a child of the joy of riding around the store in a cart.)

Lauren said...

Such cute boys! We love McWane, too. Love the cake story.

Jaime said...

That's too funny about the cake! We had so much fun with you guys at McWane. I still feel bad for Peyton conking Collins on the head with a block and then throwing your camera on the floor. I am sooo sorry! I should really keep my eyes on her better! The picture with the boys holding hands was cute!

Shea said...

Hilarious that he thought you were pregnant! And, he smiled, uh?? I don't think that's the reaction Mark would have had. =)