Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is what I had in mind...

When I had boys!!!


I begged the Lord for a boy when I was pregnant... and oh did He deliver!


I dreamed of ball fields, nachos, and slush puppies!

I think the good Lord knew that I could not handle indoor dark rooms with soft flowing music... Covered in a a non-stop flow of pink tutus ; )

This is my comfort zone!


If you need me, I'll be perched on a bleacher somewhere for the next 18 years.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everday Life

Just a glimpse...


Of everyday life...


Here in the backyard.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

The past year I have been making every effort to do something different, try something new. I think often times in life we get in a rut, we just keep doing the same old thing. Its easy to just claim your kids keep you busy, and while mine certainly do that, I don't want to use that as an excuse. They are just passing through, they will be moving on whether I like it or not.

When they are gone I do not want the emptiness that sometime accompanies that. I don't want to not know who I am or what I am all about.

I am not doing them any favors by losing myself in this parenting process.

My New Leafs:

Running. I started unable to run at all. I joined a running club, met new people, and discovered strengths I never knew I had. More importantly I was beyond inspired by others doing the same thing. While there are days that I don't love to run, I am still doing it and appreciate what it has done for me. I am much stronger than I thought.

Reading. Yes, I know its goofy. You see, I don't believe until last year I had read a book since I outgrew Beverly Cleary. I was able to make it through 22 years of school while avoiding any books. I thought cliff notes was the golden standard.
Well, I set a goal: read one novel. I did. Thirty novels later I am still reading. Turns out I enjoy it. So glad for turning over that leaf!

MY new leaf...

I can hardly draw a stick person, which makes this the perfect thing. I am feeling like the next Picasso and can hardly wait till my first lesson on Wednesday! I am getting lessons from an artist along with 8 other people. Oh, and it includes bringing an appetizer and a bottle of wine... Does it get any better than that?!

Can't wait to post my first work of art. I am sure it will sell for thousands ;)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Life


Brendan and I slipped away to our favorite place on this side of the ocean: The Grand Hotel

It was so wonderful and much needed. I love my boys and love spending every day with them, but sometimes a girl needs a break.


We laid in the pool for hours

Played ping pong... I won of course ;)

And went sailing multiple times.

Oh and then there was room service. Lots of room service. So nice to have someone waiting on me for a change.

It was hands down the best time we have had in years. I relaxed at a level that I haven't been able to for four years.

I feel renewed and refreshed... and ready to go again!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The first day

If I was a good mother I would have pics of the first day of preschool.
I don't.

Yes, I would be in a cute outfit crouched down next to them in their classrom.
Not covered in snot and peanut butter without makeup.

Their bags would be monogrammed. And matching of course.
We can't even find ours.

I think I set the tone for the first words out of Jacks mouth when he climbed back into the car after school:
"MOM, I've got to be honest, It wasn't a very good first day for the two of us".


I decided we needed a party. A party to celebrate the first day being over, and success from this day forward.

Our sweet neighbors joined us for the fun. It consisted of a picnic, soccer, wrestling, and frisbee till dark.


What was I thinking

In my quest to get Mother of the Year at some point during this career, I decided to take the kids bowling. For some crazy reason, I thought I would get bonus mommy points for doing something like this by myself on a weekday.

I can be so dumb sometimes!

We went. Other than old, weird people, we were the only ones there.

It was successful for a short time...


I was enjoying how cute their little shoes were, and they were enjoying picking up huge balls...

Then Collins decided to give the old, weird folks a show...

Ahh screaming, and fit throwing.

Bren decided to make a surprise visit, I was hoping it would turn this ship around. It didn't

I think his arrival just added to the show. We looked crazy, I looked crazier taking pictures of it all. I think that was the most action Vestavia Bowl has seen in a while.

I will not be returning anytime soon.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

We got a bigger house!!!

OK, so we didn't actually buy a bigger house.... nope.... we just cleaned out the one we have!!

Seriously, every room in this house has been organized to perfection. With one exception : The Basement.

Over time, and with the addition of children, it has gotten completely out of control. Everyday when we play in the yard we drag toys back and forth from this nice dark cave.

Having a contractor husband doesn't help at all either. We are the lumber yard, home depot, and the dump all in one convenient location.

Today things changed. We took on this beast and it is much improved!!!

The Before {GASP}:

The During:

( I went to get the paint and while I was gone Bren thought it would be a good idea to mop the basement with my kitchen mop!!! {YUCK} )



Bren still has to finish organizing his tool bench. The Auburn game took priority to that ( as it should ).

Seriously, all kidding aside, we gained 600 square feet.

Ohhhhhh. I am just so happy :) HAVE I MENTIONED LATELY HOW I LOVE THIS HOUSE??!