Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Life


Brendan and I slipped away to our favorite place on this side of the ocean: The Grand Hotel

It was so wonderful and much needed. I love my boys and love spending every day with them, but sometimes a girl needs a break.


We laid in the pool for hours

Played ping pong... I won of course ;)

And went sailing multiple times.

Oh and then there was room service. Lots of room service. So nice to have someone waiting on me for a change.

It was hands down the best time we have had in years. I relaxed at a level that I haven't been able to for four years.

I feel renewed and refreshed... and ready to go again!



Rachel said...

That place looks lovely!!! I'm itching to get away too. Luckily, my birthday is coming up :)

Shea said...

That's awesome y'all got away! So glad you got some good r&r!

Mel ~ said...

WOW, Good for you to get away and recharge! You are truly blessed :)

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