Saturday, September 4, 2010

We got a bigger house!!!

OK, so we didn't actually buy a bigger house.... nope.... we just cleaned out the one we have!!

Seriously, every room in this house has been organized to perfection. With one exception : The Basement.

Over time, and with the addition of children, it has gotten completely out of control. Everyday when we play in the yard we drag toys back and forth from this nice dark cave.

Having a contractor husband doesn't help at all either. We are the lumber yard, home depot, and the dump all in one convenient location.

Today things changed. We took on this beast and it is much improved!!!

The Before {GASP}:

The During:

( I went to get the paint and while I was gone Bren thought it would be a good idea to mop the basement with my kitchen mop!!! {YUCK} )



Bren still has to finish organizing his tool bench. The Auburn game took priority to that ( as it should ).

Seriously, all kidding aside, we gained 600 square feet.

Ohhhhhh. I am just so happy :) HAVE I MENTIONED LATELY HOW I LOVE THIS HOUSE??!



Danielle said...

Looks fantastic, Courtney!!!
You do have such a great house :)

Nichole Bush said...

It looks great!!

Jaime said...

okay, when i read your blog title on facebook, i thought ya'll had run out and bought that other house and I was like "WHAT???? How did she not tell me that?!!!!" I was going to get on to you for that one. haha! :) Anyway, your basement looks good. I can't believe you got brendan to do all that work! we really need to clean out our garage, but other things keep taking precedence. maybe one of these days we'll get on it.

Rachel said...

That's awesome!! I'm totally wanting things to be more organized, but have no energy to actually make it happen... (sigh)

Missy said...

Hmm....if you think your basement is messy, I hate to think what you would say of mine. LOL
Ours has become the catch all for EVERYTHING. It is definitely on my to do list.

Great job on your basement! I am sure it gave you a great feeling of accomplishment.

Thank you for swinging by blog.