Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ten Things...

I've been tagged by Shea...

TEN THINGS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME: In no particular order...

1. I MUST have my morning cup of coffee or else I never wake up - I just sleep walk all day. I don't descriminate on the brand of coffee... I use too - but, I don't have that luxury anymore. I'll take what ever is in the pot!

2. I NEVER have anything to wear. I am not sure what the deal is... my drawers are full... my closet is full - and still nothing to wear. It's a bad problem to have because it sets me back every morning about 30 min! I just stand at the closet disgusted that I am once again left with nothing to wear. Go shopping... I can hear you say it now... but, it dosen't help. If I do that I wake up with two problems - nothing to wear and broke.

3. I have great and wonderful plans to get things done everyday. However, I never get anything done.... except socializing... I do get that done! I wish I was one of those people that had a "to-do list" and DID it. Wishful thinking.

4. I LOVE Jack. He is everything I imagined him to be. I LOVE that I get to stay home with him everyday... I can't imagine giving someone else the privilage of watching him grow. Granted, some days are tough... really tough, but we seem to get through them and grow together in the process.

5. I have REALLY great friends. This is not something I always noticed. However, the older I get the more I appreciate them. I also love that my friends children will be my children's friends!

6. I am addicted to my computer - It seems to be getting worse lately. I am hooked on reading everyone's blog. No wonder I have a problem getting things done ( refer to #3).

7. I need a vacation really bad. I haven't need a vacation this bad in a long time. I don't care where I go - anywhere. I could really appreciate some sand between my toes and a crab leg dipped in butter - WOW!

8. My favorite food is pizza. I love pizza and could eat it everyday. My favorite kind is from quaint pizzarias with wood buring stoves. I thought I would out grow my love for pizza but I haven't. I wish my favorite food was something like an organic salad with vegtables and tofu.... it's not though.

9. I can't believe I am getting OLD! I will be 27 on Friday and can't believe it. I remember thinking as a kid that I would never turn 30.. now I am knocking on the door. I feel old too. When you are young everyday you seem to make accomplichments and fulfill goals and dreams. Here lately, everyday feels like yesterday. I am going to make a Birthday resolution to change that.

10. I don't typically don't do list like this... now I remember why.. it takes forever!!! But for Shea, anything =)


Monday, March 24, 2008


Hope everyone had a wonderful easter! We sure did! On Friday we had a big easter egg hunt with a bunch of friends from church. Saturday we hunted even more eggs and Sunday jack woke up to a trail of eggs the easter bunny had left along with FIVE...yes FIVE... Easter baskets. Everybody in my family gave Jack an Easter basket, so as you can imagine he was on cloud nine!
Sunday we also had a big family breakfast and off to church we went. If you weren't at Highlands than you missed out. I promise you, Jesus showed up at that service! We are so blessed to be apart of that church and what God is doing through it! We finished off the day to a big family dinner and lots of play time.
jack egg kaylee
egg hunt
Jack easter
easter baskets
Jasonmelissa easter

Monday, March 10, 2008

Its beginning to look like...spring??

Well, we enjoyed our weird weather weekend, although it only lasted a short time. Jack loved the snow - especially eating it. Other than that we had a pretty low key weekend. We enjoyed Brendan's visit home even though it went way to quickly. We are starting to adjust to his absence. It defenitely is not easy and has its lonesome moments but we are surviving. Brendan is enjoying his new job and time away far more than we are. Luckily, I have awesome friends that check on us and hang out with us to make the days go more quickly. This weekend Jack got to babysit my mom's dog Sophie. I thought I would show everyone what a good job he did!
Check out our newly remodeled fireplace!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Under the weather...

Well if you are wondering where we have been, me and Jack have been sick with the stomach bug. Hopefully we are on the road to recovery now! Here are a few of the latest pics.
At the Zoo!

Check out the static in his attic!
Jack hair static
Jack hat
The 4 of us