Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where do I start??

Well, we have been VERY busy around here!! As of Thursday night we have finally finished getting the house organized and finished ready for Collins. We have had packed schedules everyday. I am looking forward to things calming down and hibernating for the fall and winter!
Last weekend in Pine Mountain was awesome. Jack had so much fun playing out in the woods, fishing, and of course being the center of attention. The most memerable part was the wild safari we took!! You drove through the safari and these massive animals walked right up to your car and stuck their heads in. Jack freaked out at first, but by the end he was hanging out the window calling for them. I am posting a couple pics of that, but even the pics don't do it justice.

We are spending much of the time this year in small groups. As busy as we are right now, we both felt it is important to focus our time and energy on what really matters. Sunday nights we are in a Growing Kids God's Way group. We have been looking forward to taking this group for sometime and we are already learning a whole lot! I would highly encourage every parent to take this class. Great kids are no accident- Only when you look to their maker can you find out how to bring out the best in them!
On Tuesday morning I am in a small group, Calm My Anxious Heart. I am learning the art of being content in EVERY situation. Thursday mornings Brendan is in the small group, The Pursuit of Holiness. He is learning the significance of being a Holy man!

Between small groups, preschool, Brendan's day job and mulitple building projects we are BUSY. But, busy means the days go by quicker and the time till we meet Collins grows shorter!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Post

Well, I had good intentions on getting a good blog in this week - but it didn't happen. I did want to make a quick post before we go out of town this weekend. We are heading out to Callaway Gardens for a long weekend getaway. I guess this will be the last trip with just one boy! Everything is still going great with the pregnancy. I am having sharp abdominal pains and my belly is turning bluish, but after a quick trip to the Dr.'s we learned that my abs are splitting causing those symptoms. As long as Collins is ok - I'm ok. I promise to post pictures from our trip when we get back!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, Brendan is one happy fellow - let me tell you why..... The TV in our Den I have had for a long time - I always saw it as a great tv, big, know everything you need out of a tv. Brendan, however has been ready for a new one for a while - he just couldn't be out-done by everyone else. So I always told him - we are not getting rid of a perfectly good tv, but when it goes he can get whatever he wants ( I'm thinking in another 5 years at least ). Well, two days ago we were all watching tv and then... KABOOM! TV Out - black! I look over to see the biggest grin I've seen on Brendans face since the birth of our first born son! So wasting no time, off he goes... on the search for the greatest tv. And while I think he put a hex on our tv, I still feel obligated to agree to his new "multi-media, sportsfanatic set-up". Well, lets just say next time I will watch what I agree to. Mr. Fuller has his HUGE flat screen mounted on the wall (yes I had to give up my cute armoir) and dish network with the extended HD and all ESPN package! So I hope he is happy.. eating peanut butter and jelly to pay for this crazy thing! MEN. I will post a picture of him next to his new baby when we get our furniture piece in.
The good wife

Thursday, September 4, 2008

All about Jack

This has been a very big day for all of us!!!! Jack went to his very 1st day of preschool!!! Me and Brendan have been going back and forth about the issue of sending him or not. Even after all the money was paid we were still not sure, but in the end he looked to darn cute with his backpack not to send him! He walk right through those preschool doors with confidence and never looked back! I was very proud of Me and Brendan for handling it as well as we did too!! This whole process is going to take some getting use to - It feels so weird being apart from him and not knowing what he is doing. At least it is only 2 days a week for 4 hours. Our little boy is growing up!
If the preschool anxiety wasn't enough then our other issue is... Jack and seizures. As most of you know Jack has been having seizures on and off for the last year. They always happen after he hits his head - and last Thursday night was no exception. Jack was watching football and we had stepped out of the room for a second. We then heard a loud thump - we quickly ran into the room to find him unconscious and seizing. It seemed to last an eternity!!! We called 911 and helplessly watched till he came out of it. Of course when he woke up he was happy to see the fire truck and fire men!! So now we are having a battery of test run and walking on pins and needles - literally making ourselves crazy waiting for it to happen again. Hopefully nothing will show up on the test and we can blame these episodes on a freaky childhood thing!!!
Ahh... the stresses of parenthood. We all have these stresses- they just come in different forms.
Better go - we are about to have a "Jack had his 1st day of school party" !
Jack making pizza for his "School Party"
Jack and Brendan on the "scooter" at paw paw's this weekend ( after a great weekend at the lake hanging out with our good friends Kevin and Amanda - Sorry I forgot to take pics of that!)