Thursday, September 4, 2008

All about Jack

This has been a very big day for all of us!!!! Jack went to his very 1st day of preschool!!! Me and Brendan have been going back and forth about the issue of sending him or not. Even after all the money was paid we were still not sure, but in the end he looked to darn cute with his backpack not to send him! He walk right through those preschool doors with confidence and never looked back! I was very proud of Me and Brendan for handling it as well as we did too!! This whole process is going to take some getting use to - It feels so weird being apart from him and not knowing what he is doing. At least it is only 2 days a week for 4 hours. Our little boy is growing up!
If the preschool anxiety wasn't enough then our other issue is... Jack and seizures. As most of you know Jack has been having seizures on and off for the last year. They always happen after he hits his head - and last Thursday night was no exception. Jack was watching football and we had stepped out of the room for a second. We then heard a loud thump - we quickly ran into the room to find him unconscious and seizing. It seemed to last an eternity!!! We called 911 and helplessly watched till he came out of it. Of course when he woke up he was happy to see the fire truck and fire men!! So now we are having a battery of test run and walking on pins and needles - literally making ourselves crazy waiting for it to happen again. Hopefully nothing will show up on the test and we can blame these episodes on a freaky childhood thing!!!
Ahh... the stresses of parenthood. We all have these stresses- they just come in different forms.
Better go - we are about to have a "Jack had his 1st day of school party" !
Jack making pizza for his "School Party"
Jack and Brendan on the "scooter" at paw paw's this weekend ( after a great weekend at the lake hanging out with our good friends Kevin and Amanda - Sorry I forgot to take pics of that!)


Brandi said...

We are praying for Jack. I can't imagine how scary that is. However, he looks so stinkin cute. What a big boy going to preschool!!!

Jaime said...

awww... our little boys are growing up so fast. he looks so cute with his backpack on. we had fun playing with you guys today.

Lauren said...

How cute! He looks so big with his little backpack!

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

so proud of him for being such a big boy at school! he is growing up mom! we'll be praying for your sweet baby, you, his doctors and answers...

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl! I "tagged" you. You can ignore it if you want. HAHAHA. Read my blog. What a cutie pie Jack is!

Shea said...

I completely missed this post, but I'm so glad you did well with preschool! Did they find a spot where you had him on the waiting list or is it somewhere else? That's great wherever it is. And, I will definitely be praying for Jack and his seizures. I can't imagine how scary that is. I would be a basketcase for sure!