Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moms Night Out

This semester I am leading a Moms Night Out small group at my house! The whole purpose of this group is to give moms a chance to recharge with other moms. We will discuss different topics every week: parenting, cooking, marriage, etc....
The number one goal is to form awesome, real friendships that will last long after this group is over. One thing is for sure - lots of yummy food will be consumed in the process!
So If you are interested in figuring these guys out...
Or learning how to make these...
Or support during moments like this...
Then this is the group for you!
It is open to anyone! We will meet Thursday nights 6-7:15. It will begin Thursday Sept. 10th.
Look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When you give a pig a pancake...

He gets so excited that he slings pancake everywhere in the process of eating it...
Then he wonders where the pancake went ( umm, check your cloth man )...
The he tries licking the plate...
Then he resorts to eating the plate!

Oh, I could eat him!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The beautiful outdoors

This past weekend was so incredible beautiful! We have been on a "no/limited tv kick" so I was so glad the weather was nice for our outdoor plans. We did everything short of sleeping outside this weekend and it was awesome. It made me so excited about the upcoming fall!
Our trip to Tannehill State Park. We had so much fun and look forward to returning soon!
Completely worn out at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My new haircut

OK, so I figured I blog about everything else, why not my new haircut!! I don't get a cut often because I have two kiddos in tow. Today I just had Collins with me. He sat on my lap while I got my hair washed and watched with total intrigue. The shampoer' was sweet and held him while I got it cut. The funniest part was all the hair guys droolin over Colllins' hair and asking where he got it cut! Ummm.... the King of Kings cut it and did an excellent job if I might say so myself!
This was the previous do' after Aimmes wedding last weekend..
Wonder what Brendan looked like that night???? Totally Hot!!
I'll blog more about that wedding later.
Ohh... in case you for got what Collins hair looks like :)
10 months

Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Months

Happy 10 months to my sweet Love Nugget!!!
10 monthsb
Love the hair!
10 months
Love you so much,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You might be a tree hugger if...

You have resorted to these...
And your deck looks like this...
And your back yard has this...
Don't judge me too quickly... its all because this....
...has been sitting in my master bedroom for 3 days!! So excited about the new HE dryer, but ready for it to be in the laundry room in full operation!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What do we do?

I get asked often, "what do you do all day"? The truth is, survive, I just try to get through the day with everybody happy and in one piece. Some days are smooth, some days are not. We have play dates when possible, run lots of arrands, CLEAN, and play a whole lot. I am NOT a fan of t.v. or video games so we try to steer clear of that ( although tv time in the morning is necessary to take a shower). Most days I feel like I do a horrible job at this stay-at-home thing. All I know is that I am doing the best I can, I know that these moments are important, and we never get them back. Thank goodness for my fellow SAHMs!!!!! I don't know what I would do without friends to share this experience with, they truely are my co-workers!
Hope you enjoy the pics... and yes... we think clothes are way over-rated!
"poor Bubba"
"sorry Bubba"
Best Buddies!
Jacks jungle gym... I mean... his bed!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cloth 101

Ok. maybe I shouldn't have titled this cloth 101, because I certainly don't know it all. However, Collins and I are beginning to be pros at this! I am still LOVING my choice to change to cloth. It really is simple and easy. My goal through this post is just to encourage others to think about change and stepping out of the box!
What I do know:
-Babies bottoms couldn't look any cuter than in a stylish cloth diaper.
-They REALLY DO work at night, I have yet to have any sort of leak.
-There are tons of different cloth/fabric inserts to absorb the pee. I like the birsdeye cloth folded during the day because its trim and does the trick. At night however I use a folded premium diaper cloth. It works for my super soaker, but is a little bulky. I went to the fabric store today and made an insert with thick natural cotton cloth and soft fleece. It is super trim and soft, he is napping now so only time will tell if that is going to work. It would be great if that works.
-Some Cloth diapers are bulky and some are not. All that depends on the brand you go with. That is much of the reason I went with Gdiapers. They are very trim, and they have the option to put a disposible liner in them. I have heard great things about BumGenuis and Fuzzi Bunz also.
-Since I use cloth diapers I also decided to go with cloth wipes. I just cut up an old flannel blanket in pieces that would fit in my wipe warmer. I mixed warm water with some baby wash and poured over the top, Voila!
-Poop... ok, sometimes this is simple, sometimes not. When its gross, I have to swish in toilet. Also dealing with a Yucky wipe is not great either. I think I might get some cottonelle flushable wipes so that when he poops I can wipe and flush it all.
- The Pail.. I just got a small plastic pail with lid. I have it by the changing table and just toss everything in there.
-Washing, I wash it all everyother day. I use a free and clear detergent and only half the recommened amount. Too much detergent will cut down on absorbabiltiy. Sometime when I open the pail to toss in the wash it can smell STRONG, but when is comes out it, it is fresh smelling and clean... suprises me everytime.
- Newborns... I have been asked often if this is something that could be done with a new baby. My answer is YES! However, having a newborn can be stressful. I would get comfortable with your baby and routine then implement cloth diapering. The good news is that breastfed babies poopies can be washed. No swooshing in toilet, just toss in the wash!!! I wouldn't suggest that for formula babies though.
- The best part about cloth is feeling like your doing something really good for the baby and environment! I feel empowered by taking action about getting my baby out of chlorine diapers. If we are waiting on the government to regulate it, we might be awhile. They are far to pre-occupied on IMPORTANT issues... you know... paying big bucks for crap cars ,and running our healthcare into the ground.
Let me know if you have questions, I am opening up my comments to everyone, not just bloggers!