Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My new haircut

OK, so I figured I blog about everything else, why not my new haircut!! I don't get a cut often because I have two kiddos in tow. Today I just had Collins with me. He sat on my lap while I got my hair washed and watched with total intrigue. The shampoer' was sweet and held him while I got it cut. The funniest part was all the hair guys droolin over Colllins' hair and asking where he got it cut! Ummm.... the King of Kings cut it and did an excellent job if I might say so myself!
This was the previous do' after Aimmes wedding last weekend..
Wonder what Brendan looked like that night???? Totally Hot!!
I'll blog more about that wedding later.
Ohh... in case you for got what Collins hair looks like :)
10 months


Rachael said...

It's cute!!!

Jaime said...

cute! i like it!! that was brave of you to take a child with you to get your hair cut. I've never done it, but i've been considering it lately b/c i am sooo overdue for a hair cut.

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

love it! and all of my "take the girls with me" experiences have resulted in me losing my cool by the end of it. props to you!