Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Brendan

Brendan, I just wanted to thank you for 3 wonderful years of marriage. Thank you for loving me and taking care of me like you do. Thanks for being the man God called you to be, thank you for being obedient to HIm even when it appears to cost you alot - you are going to have many crowns in heaven! Thank you for being a wonderful father to our 3 babies and loving them unconditionally. Thank you for providing for us in way that allows me to stay at home and raise our children. I would have never imagined the day I met you that God was molding you to be my husband. I have enjoyed watching you grow as a husband, father, and most of all as a believer. I promise to continue to have a 1 Cor.13 kind of love for you. You are such a good man and I am so proud of you!
I love you!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Collins Brock Fuller


Just thought I would formally introduce you to our little boy! He is already a HUGE blessing to our family and we can't wait for him to get here and love all over him!

The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the almighty gives me life. Job 33:4

A huge undertaking!!!

Well, our little addition has turned into a total house overhaul! There is sheetrock dust, light fixtures, and paint splatters all of this house... not to mention our front yard is covered in Mexicans. I think we are getting way over our heads... I know we are. Remind me to keep my next "small house project ideas" to myself. I know we are going to enjoy all of this when we finish, but in the mean time its a little overwhelming. I spend most of my day taking cold drinks to the workers, going to pick up supplies, going to pick up lunch for the mexicans, telling jack to put the nails down, cleaning paint brushes, and learning a second language. So for those wondering what on earth we are doing, here goes... adding a master suite, adding a master bath, ripping up the driveway - pouring a new one and a parking pad around back, painting every room, new landscaping, getting a new roof, new facia and soffit ??sp, new gutters, and new A/C for addition. Whew, now do you see why we are a little overwhelmed- not to mention half of this was NOT planned.
On the flip side.. Thank you Lord for enlarging our family so that an addition is necessary, thank you for blessing us and providing for us. For those of you wondering - No we didn't win the lottery =). My dad decided to bless us in ways that we couldn't repay by helping us afford this project. I don't ever like to claim we did something - when WE didn't. I know most of you struggle like we do and wonder how on earth people afford things - Now you know how we did ( if you care )! Thanks Dad for helping us with something we could never do on our own and taking a huge burden off our shoulders!
Other than that. We joined Vestavia Hills Pool and spend every hot moment we can there. I would send pictures but I can't find my camera in our pile of debris.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jack is getting a cousin!!!!!!!!!

Yep, we are busting at the seams excited that Jason and Melissa are having a baby!!!! Me and Jason always said it would be fun to have kiddos at the same time - and it looks like our baby and theirs will only be 3 months apart. We are so excited and I can't wait to be an aunt. Jason and Melissa both have always treated Jack like he was one of their own and visit him, just to love on him, almost on a daily basis. It dosen't matter what they are doing, they always put Jack first. So, we are so glad we get a turn to love on their sweet baby! We look forward to spoiling the kid, gettting the kid roudy, and feeding the kiddo junk food... then leaving =).
Jack is once again a super lucky kid... getting two best friends within 3 months of each other.

In other news... the house is officially turned upside-down. It is like grand central station. Every bedroom in the house is being changed, as well as getting a new addition. All in preparation for our new addition!!! You know, I thought the second Baby couldn't be near as exciting as the first - boy was I wrong. The excitement around here is almost palpable! We are so excited - we can hardly wait till he gets here.
I will post some pics soon of all the changes going on around here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A wonderful weekend

Well this weekend Me and Brendan decided to get away for some "alone" time, so we headed for the Marriot Resort and Spa in Florence. It was fabulous!!!! We laid out by the pool, order room service... lots of room service, and ate like there was no tomorrow! It was so nice - we seem to be getting away most weekends and we are kinda starting to get use to it =) Nothing like alot of vacations!
Sweet Jack spent his very first night with uncle jay jay and aunt Lissie. Jason has been begging to keep jack since the day he was born, so we finally took him up on the offer and I think they all had a great time! We did miss him dearly and worried about him ( and left jason a 2 page paper on how to take care of him =). Me and Brendan are trying to loosen are grip just a little bit, but we love him so much that leaving him is like leaving a part of us.
Our house is about to be turned upside down due to major renovations and an addition so things are starting to get a little crazy. So after some workers left today me and Jack decided to go to Toys-r-us and spend his gift certificate that his aunt Holly got him for his birthday ( thanks Aunt Holly=). Well instead of a small toy, Jack picked a train set that he wanted, so with a sweet convincing smile he talked me into it. So I got him a starter train set that I guess when can add to as we go. After that we got a milkshake and Jack took the lid off and before I could help put it back on the milkshake ended up in his lap.. and everywhere else. It looked like the biggest mess, but I had to smile! Thank you Lord that in the middle of the day on a Wednesday I am able to buy a train set and share a milkshake with my son. Thank you for enabling me to be at home with him to share these moments...these messes!

Jason and Melissa leaving with Jack, going to church