Friday, June 20, 2008

A huge undertaking!!!

Well, our little addition has turned into a total house overhaul! There is sheetrock dust, light fixtures, and paint splatters all of this house... not to mention our front yard is covered in Mexicans. I think we are getting way over our heads... I know we are. Remind me to keep my next "small house project ideas" to myself. I know we are going to enjoy all of this when we finish, but in the mean time its a little overwhelming. I spend most of my day taking cold drinks to the workers, going to pick up supplies, going to pick up lunch for the mexicans, telling jack to put the nails down, cleaning paint brushes, and learning a second language. So for those wondering what on earth we are doing, here goes... adding a master suite, adding a master bath, ripping up the driveway - pouring a new one and a parking pad around back, painting every room, new landscaping, getting a new roof, new facia and soffit ??sp, new gutters, and new A/C for addition. Whew, now do you see why we are a little overwhelmed- not to mention half of this was NOT planned.
On the flip side.. Thank you Lord for enlarging our family so that an addition is necessary, thank you for blessing us and providing for us. For those of you wondering - No we didn't win the lottery =). My dad decided to bless us in ways that we couldn't repay by helping us afford this project. I don't ever like to claim we did something - when WE didn't. I know most of you struggle like we do and wonder how on earth people afford things - Now you know how we did ( if you care )! Thanks Dad for helping us with something we could never do on our own and taking a huge burden off our shoulders!
Other than that. We joined Vestavia Hills Pool and spend every hot moment we can there. I would send pictures but I can't find my camera in our pile of debris.

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Shea said...

Wow!! I didn't realize when we were talking that you project turned into all of that!! I can't wait to see it! And, I didn't realize y'all joined the pool! Call us sometime if you want company - don't they have a guest fee or something that I can pay? We love being outside and getting out of the house!!