Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jack is getting a cousin!!!!!!!!!

Yep, we are busting at the seams excited that Jason and Melissa are having a baby!!!! Me and Jason always said it would be fun to have kiddos at the same time - and it looks like our baby and theirs will only be 3 months apart. We are so excited and I can't wait to be an aunt. Jason and Melissa both have always treated Jack like he was one of their own and visit him, just to love on him, almost on a daily basis. It dosen't matter what they are doing, they always put Jack first. So, we are so glad we get a turn to love on their sweet baby! We look forward to spoiling the kid, gettting the kid roudy, and feeding the kiddo junk food... then leaving =).
Jack is once again a super lucky kid... getting two best friends within 3 months of each other.

In other news... the house is officially turned upside-down. It is like grand central station. Every bedroom in the house is being changed, as well as getting a new addition. All in preparation for our new addition!!! You know, I thought the second Baby couldn't be near as exciting as the first - boy was I wrong. The excitement around here is almost palpable! We are so excited - we can hardly wait till he gets here.
I will post some pics soon of all the changes going on around here.

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Shea said...

How exciting!! And, look forward to seeing pictures of all your projects! Just send Brendan over after he's done - we have a few projects in mind, too! =)