Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Brendan

Brendan, I just wanted to thank you for 3 wonderful years of marriage. Thank you for loving me and taking care of me like you do. Thanks for being the man God called you to be, thank you for being obedient to HIm even when it appears to cost you alot - you are going to have many crowns in heaven! Thank you for being a wonderful father to our 3 babies and loving them unconditionally. Thank you for providing for us in way that allows me to stay at home and raise our children. I would have never imagined the day I met you that God was molding you to be my husband. I have enjoyed watching you grow as a husband, father, and most of all as a believer. I promise to continue to have a 1 Cor.13 kind of love for you. You are such a good man and I am so proud of you!
I love you!

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Lauren said...

Happy anniversary Courtney and Brendan!