Monday, September 20, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

The past year I have been making every effort to do something different, try something new. I think often times in life we get in a rut, we just keep doing the same old thing. Its easy to just claim your kids keep you busy, and while mine certainly do that, I don't want to use that as an excuse. They are just passing through, they will be moving on whether I like it or not.

When they are gone I do not want the emptiness that sometime accompanies that. I don't want to not know who I am or what I am all about.

I am not doing them any favors by losing myself in this parenting process.

My New Leafs:

Running. I started unable to run at all. I joined a running club, met new people, and discovered strengths I never knew I had. More importantly I was beyond inspired by others doing the same thing. While there are days that I don't love to run, I am still doing it and appreciate what it has done for me. I am much stronger than I thought.

Reading. Yes, I know its goofy. You see, I don't believe until last year I had read a book since I outgrew Beverly Cleary. I was able to make it through 22 years of school while avoiding any books. I thought cliff notes was the golden standard.
Well, I set a goal: read one novel. I did. Thirty novels later I am still reading. Turns out I enjoy it. So glad for turning over that leaf!

MY new leaf...

I can hardly draw a stick person, which makes this the perfect thing. I am feeling like the next Picasso and can hardly wait till my first lesson on Wednesday! I am getting lessons from an artist along with 8 other people. Oh, and it includes bringing an appetizer and a bottle of wine... Does it get any better than that?!

Can't wait to post my first work of art. I am sure it will sell for thousands ;)


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