Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Play Ball


We have been wanting to take the boys to some Auburn games this season, so we decided to do a trial run and start small... A Barons game. It went pretty good. They loved eating junk food ( just like their mom ) but once that was over, they became restless. It was no big deal because the Barons games are anything but crowded so they had plenty of room to roam. However, this will not be the case at the BIG games. Soooooo I am thinking they aren't quite ready... which means we need babysitters... any takers???

Jack loved eating ice cream out of the hat. ( i loved that too as a kid )

He did get into the game for a moment, but overall Collins had way more interest in what was happening on the field.

After my food was gone, I was caught up on how much better baseball knickers look as opposed to full pants. So much cuter with everything meeting at the knee :)

Collins getting down with the music.


Just let me know what Saturdays you are free :) :) :)



Anonymous said...

Court, that is too cute! The first thing I thought of when I read this was when you and I were 10 and played softball and we went to the Barons game and ran out with them with our team. Did I just say when we were 10......wow, I think that was almost 19 years ago. Have we been friends that long?? crazy.
Rachel M

Anonymous said...

And in light of the above post I must throw a shout out to the following....

" Jellybean, Jellybean, Jellybean red....."

Noone but me you and MC knows what thats about. haha

The Zevacs said...


we will be tailgating some this year so if you're in auburn let me know so you can come see us! we usually don't go to the games (and if we do we DO NOT stay long), but we just love being there and breathing in the auburn air. :)