Monday, August 23, 2010

A quick escape

Brendan and I got a wild hair last week and decided to pack up and take a quick trip to Chattanooga. I thought it might help me with the "end of summer rut" I seem to be in. I knew the boys would like getting out of the house as well.

Can I just say... I love this place

There is something so warm and inviting about Chattanooga. Every time we go we love to explore the whole area. We try to eat where the locals eat and visit places off the beaten path. However, with kids in tow, we sought out fun places for them.

We scored big time when we landed at the Creative Children's Museum!!! This place was cool!!




A giant Operation Game. This was basically my favorite game ever growing up...

Jack was climbing zits {yuck}

I am not sure who had more fun there... them or us!!

As with any place we go, we spent a lot of time on the streets walking. We loved crossing the river on the BIG walking bridge...
( Check out that hottie pushing the stroller ;) .... He's mine

The trip was a big success. We had the most success ever in a hotel with two kids :)



Shea said...

So fun! I get wild hairs then realize all the car time and hotel time, and it's just not even worth it! I'm glad to know theirs hope when they get a little older though! And, so glad the hotel was a success with the kids! Always nice to actually sleep!

Rachel said...

We love Chattanooga too! You're right - it's a magical city! I SOOO hope that one day Birmingham has a downtown like Chattanooga!

Of course, that'd take running a river right through the middle of it, but anything's possible, right??

Plum Wonderful Momma said...

Looks like it was lots of fun! We're in Alabama, never been to Chattanooga, only through there - we'll have to check it out soon!