Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vulcan 10k

Finished what I started 10 weeks ago! The goal was the vulcan 10k and my finishing time was 1:01:14!
So proud of Brendan too! He joined the running group a few weeks after me and has done amazing! 10 weeks ago he could not run to the end of the street without barfing... he ran 6.2 miles with no problems! He will quickly tell you that this group saved his life.
My mother-in-law also was in the group and did awesome! When the group first started, running half a lap was difficult... she ran the Vulcan without stopping!
She did feel a little dizzy afterwards and had to make a pit stop...
Post race festivities...
To top off the race, I won a door prize! It is an hour long massage!
Yogurt Mountain was also a sponsor and I got lots of coupons...sweet!
It was a good day, it was a good run!!!


Jaime said...

Congrats to you guys! Where is your massage at? I am still looking for a good place to go and get one.

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...


Shea said...

Great job, Courtney!! So, since your kids wake up as early as mine, when are you finding the time to go run?? Are you up at 4am? said...

I'm proud of both of you!!! You always accomplish your goals!!!! Mom

Abby said...

awesome, you are inspiring me. i ran today... my knees hurt... not sure what to do about that=) guess i need to keep running