Thursday, November 3, 2011


October is my favorite time of year, and this year has been no exception!

( Wouldn't it be awesome if just once everyone smiled authentically at the same time!!! )

We have been to so many festivals, block parties, and pumpkin patches!! Unfortunately, my camera has had a dead battery for most of the month! However, it was up and functioning for one pumpkin patch ;)





I would like to take just a second and brag on my boys daddy! Can I tell you that I am the luckiest girl around?!?! He has been such a rock, supporter, and spiritual leader for this family! He has gotten up with the boys through the night and early in the morning so that I can sleep! He runs out and gets my every craving ( and I have lots this go around :). He is just the best husband I could have wished for. I love him so much!! Ohh, and did I mention he was a hottie :)

OK, Back to the patch... :) :) :) :)



Collins was very curious if baby Brooks would eat like the cow eats, I tried to explain in a very gentle way that he would be eating slightly differently from mommy. Turns out Jack remembers more than one would think about how Collins ate as a babe... he was more than willing to share his knowledge! Help me Lord!

Needless to say... C was slightly confused after that conversation.


Sorry I have been so absent from this blog. Blogging is just far from my priority list these days. I do want to keep it going for a journal for my boys though! Hopefully I will ;)


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