Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The season has arrived!

Our tree is up! We didn't exactly go with tradition this year and cut one down. Nope, we went to Home Depot ( Its still real though :) It was partly because I'm a cheap skate and partly because our schedule has quickly filled up. I am learning I have to be PURPOSEFUL in not becoming overwhelmed.


I am also learning that Christmas isn't about having the lights and ornaments match my decor. This is something that we all should be able to share in. I have allowed the kids to play a huge part it decorating and making the house fun. It goes against all my OCD desires :)

We have just been hanging out beside the fire. Playing with our breakable Christmas houses. Putting ornaments on the tree. Taking ornaments off the tree. Cleaning needles off the floor. Baking cookies...


Jack even called me in the playroom to show me what he had made out of the train set...


We are just having a good ole' time!

Thursday Bren and I are off to Denver. Can I tell you how excited we are!!??! Going to see some great friends! Hopefully I will have lots of good pics to share ; )

Until then,


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Lisa said...

The tree looks good! Love the pics of the boys and the one of you and Jack! How was Denver? We are having fun in NC.