Friday, November 12, 2010

A perfect day

Thursday we took off on a little road trip to Florence. If you have been around this blog anytime than you know that UNA is my Alma Mater and I love that corner of North Alabama!

It was such a great day. We took the boys by campus to see the {real} Lions and to show them my old stompin' grounds.


Making big roars...




We even got to catch part of the Veterans' Day parade...


The number one reason for the trip was to check out some of my good friends babies. I had so much fun getting baby love!! My friends do have the prettiest baby girls. Can I just say that I have held 3 newborns in the last two days and I don't even have baby fever... ok, maybe just a tad. {GRIN}


I will say that the day turned not so perfect on the way home with a very tired two year old. Guess the PERFECT day only happens in heaven :)


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