Monday, November 22, 2010

Fuller 1st Annual Camping trip

I am a lover of the outdoors. Brendan is a lover of the outdoors.


Therefore, it is only natural we want our boys to be lovers of the outdoors ;)


So this weekend we set out for our first camping trip. We have been slowly collecting camping stuff over the past few years in anticipation of this occasion. We picked Oak Mountain State Park for our first site because it is the least primitive. The boys could hardly contain themselves they were so excited!

We went for two... 2 man tents. We bought high quality gear and tried to plan for the long term, not so much for the little kid stage. I thought having their own tent might scare them, but it didn't a bit! Actually, they were so excited about having their own tent that they went to play in it and fell asleep at 6:30!



Our favorite thing was just hiking and being outside. Away from t.v. and mounds of toys.


Well, that and eating ;)


The best campfire philly cheese steaks ever!


They only "bump" in the road was that Collins was up at 4:30. And he wasn't quietly up, nope. He was screaming "pancakes and milk" at the top of his lungs! So we quickly took camp down, threw it in the back of the truck, and went to Cracker Barrel.

All in all it was a big success. We are trying to be very intentional about making memories, and I'm pretty sure we made some this weekend!



jj said...

sounds similar to our trip!

Rachel said...

That's awesome! It looks like so much fun. We've wanted to camp with kid(s), but so far, the high maintenance parts of it have scared us away. Thanks for the motivation!