Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All in a weekend

Just wanted to throw up a post about last weekend. To say it was busy would be an understatement! The highlight of the weekend was staying at Ross Bridge with nine of my high school girlfriends! We had a wonderful time lounging by the pool, eating, and catching up on the latest. Saturday night we gathered at Mary Catherines house and had a couples party to celebrate Aimee getting married. We had so much fun boiling crawfish and shrimp and getting our hands dirty. The highlight of Brendan's weekend was getting a new truck! We have been a one vehicle family for over a year, so this was a huge deal. I am happy that he has a new set of wheels and his "manhood" has returned! I must say that I think Jack is about excited as anybody about the new truck... "His" truck as he calls it.
Thank you Brendan for taking care of the boys so that I could have a weekend relaxing with my friends! Also, thanks to Grammy ( Brendans mom) for watching the boys Saturday Night, it was grately appreciated!
Other than that, our time has been consumed with park picnics, pool parties, haircuts, and the usual.
Enjoy the pics,
My favorite tree fell to its death
Jack after a much needed mommy haircut


Jaime said...

Do you boil crawfish while they are alive? If so, that is mean and I don't support it! :) haha! I didn't realize you cut Jack's hair. Maybe we should get you to cut Tyson's. We don't know how to give an actual haircut, we just shave it when it gets too long.

joy said...

love the pics, especially Kaitlin with the crawfish!

Kait said...

Court, I had such a great time last weekend. I am so ready for a repeat anytime!!
I love the sweet pics of Jack and Collins, they are growing so fast and are just too cute!!
Wow, i still can't believe I held a LIVE crawfish and them ate 4 (dead) ones! What was I thinking??