Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why you should never...

Why you should never leave Jack unattended with a highlighter...
In collins' news. He got his first tooth, went swiming, and took a bath in the big tub... all in one week! He's been busy!!
He loved the pool!
Brendan and I are getting excited about leaving for Point Clear for a couple of nights to celebrate our anniversary. This will be our first time to ever leave Collins overnight. I am trying to stay calm about the issue and I know both the boys will be in good hands. I am sure we will have a wonderful time and I will take lots of pics to post!


Jaime said...

The pictures with Jack and the highlighter were funny! Collins has been a busy boy! Did he keep you up at night at all with his new tooth? I think Peyton is getting another tooth soon.

Lauren said...

Love the highlighter pictures. I'm sure Jack will love those when he is older! We spent the first part of last week at Point Clear and had a blast. I hope you guys are having fun!