Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Salute to Brendan

I remember the time I told Brendan we were pregnant for the first time. I was a little uncertain as to how he was going to take the news; would he be overwhelmed, stressed out, nervous? Too unsure of how he would react to the good news, I hid the pregnancy test in his bathroom drawer and waited for him to open it. After work, as he always did, he open the drawer. He stood there starring, closed the drawer, and opened it again. With a big grin on his face he looked at me, " really, we're pregnant" and began pacing in excitement. He was so excited, although he knew nothing about fatherhood, he was ready. From that moment on he has jumped in with both feet. He is such a leader in the family and has begun a new lagacy, with new traditions. I appreciate him so much, and these boys adore him.
Happy Father's Day Brendan!

If you think his arms are full, you should see his heart!
This little boy loves Daddy
...and so does this one!

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Kait said...

Aren't we thankful for our great hubbies!!
Happy Father's Day Brendan!! Your boys are so blessed to have you :-)