Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary Brendan

Well, today marks our 4th anniversary! We don't celebrate this as our big day, rather the day we met. This day represents the random date we picked, the day we met represents the day God stepped in and introduced us in a way only He could! So while October 17th is the day we choose to really celebrate, we also mark this day as another happy year. Honestly, this day more represents the day all hell broke loose... to say NO one wanted us to get married ( with exception of a few- Thank You!) is an understatement!!!! However, we knew what was best for US and we continue to stand by it! I don't for even a nano second question my decisions. Marrying Brendan is the best thing I have ever done. He represents everything good in my life, I married way out of my league!
While I will be the first to admit we have had very tough days, as do most relationships, we have come through them. We have the real deal... good days, bad days, and everything in between. I think our secret is just making life as fun as possible. I can honestly say we have a lot of fun!! As my dad says, "we play well together".
Brendan makes having fun easy. He is always up for a good time! He is so many things: provider, cleaner, chef, counselor, handyman, bug stomper, yard boy, plumber, and about a thousand other things.
Brendan, I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate you, thanks for marrying me! I love you so much!
Love never fails,
( Courtney )
A couple pics from the beginning days

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