Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall is in the air


I am loving this weather! We tried to get as much out of this weekend as possible and was it busy! We did make it to Homestead Hollow and it was so much fun. I have been going to this event since I was a child, so it is really cool to see my kids enjoying it. Collins hung out in "BOB" and Jack ran around and shot his marshmallow gun he got there. We also had the opportunity to be apart of Callie's dedication. So proud of Jason and Melissa for taking that step. Nothing like giving a sweet baby back to Jesus!
Jack named his horse "Gun smoke"
Brendan had to lug this heavy log stacker around... he'll be glad he did come this winter when the logs are close to the door.
Check out her pretty dress!
Could she be any cuter?

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Jaime said...

Glad you finally got blogger to work! Jack's marshmallow gun is cool. Tyson would have loved it! That log holder is huge! I pictured something much smaller. I like it!