Saturday, October 10, 2009

Race for a Cure

If you follow me on Twitter than you are aware that we have been involved in a running group for the past while. Part of the goals set for this group is to run in the Komen race (5k) and the Vulcan race (10k). This was the 1st year I have been involved in Race for the Cure in any capacity. I cannot begin to tell you what kind of experience it was. It was so moving to see thousands of survivors fight back and to run along side 14,000 people all running for the same goal. It was not the best run I have ever had... I grossly underestimated the emotional toll that running that race would bring. However, when I would get tired I was so encouraged by those cheering for us standing on the sidelines! Those people, along with courage of the survivors, brought me across the finish line.
As I was running I thought about what a metaphor for life this was. How important it is to get off your tail and do something bigger than yourself and if you don't want to get involved... at least stand on the sideline and cheer on those who are doing something!
I started running to get back in shape and combat laziness, but somewhere in the middle of all this, I have gained amazing clarity. Sometimes in life, you lose vision, you start thinking this life is about YOU... It's not! Something about getting off my tail and running made me more focused and severely proud of those I know that are making a huge difference... like the Jonas Family who left everything behind to go to China and introduce others to Christ or the Drew Family who moved their family to plant a church in Fairhope. So many people who are running an amazing race, and I want them to know that I am standing on the sidelines cheering them on! I could go on cheering people on... like my "mama friends" that day in and day out just inspire me by their hardworking, Godly parenting! Who knows, maybe I'll starting doing that... highlighting and actively cheering on folks, because I know what a huge difference it makes getting across the finish line!

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jj said...

Wow, Courtney thank you! I needed to read that bc even the devil's lies can get to me over here! We are so blessed to be here doing what we are doing and SO grateful for those who love and support us! Hope the bday party goes great, can't wait to see/read about it!