Monday, September 7, 2009

You simply lack discipline.

So here lately I have been hearing the remark, "my have you changed" a WHOLE lot. Honestly, I take it as a compliment. I have been trying to do things diffferently... let me explain...
You see a few months ago I found myself in one of life's little "ruts". I was living life like everyone else, and that is not what I want. I would see women doing extrordinary things, parenting in an inspiring way. I found myself telling a friend, " thats great for those women, but I could never do that". How PATHETIC. The difference between between me and them is LAZINESS. I simply lacked discipline.
I use to be a very disciplined person. I set high goals, and reached them. I had good "life coaches", but somewhere along the way I got spoiled and lazy. Now, an outsider certainly wouldn't have come to that conclusion... I get up before the sun, chase my boys around all day, keep the house clean, cook, volunteer my time, etc.
However, I could do more. As Christians we are to be "set apart". I wasn't, I was typical.
So, I decided I wasn't going to make excuses anymore. I was going to be "set apart". The wonderful thing is that Brendan was completely on board too. We were going to do the opposite of what we were doing, BE PROUDLY DIFFERENT.
When I made the decision I had a box in my hand. I went to throw it away, and stopped myself. DIFFERENT would recycle this, before I didn't recycle because.... well, I was lazy, let everybody else take care of the earth that our Creator in-trusted us with, "I just don't have time" {how pathetic was I?}. NOT ANYMORE!!!!
So my change started with a box! Isn't that funny. Now we recycle 90% of household waste.
OK, so my change has been MUCH more that recycling. I decided everything in my life I was doing because I had a good excuse, I was going to stop, do it better, with a little discipline.
WOW, have things change around here! It's like a breath of fresh air. We are "set apart" and not ashamed, working a little harder, but feeling like I am the woman Christ has called my to be... not the lazy person I had become.

Pics from last week...
My sweet Niece Callie


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

so proud of you....i want to hear more!

Jaime said...

love the first picture of collins in the swing! so do people come pick up your recycled items? we don't have pickup and i have no idea where to even take it that is anywhere near here.

Brandi said...

Well put. I am reminded of high school volleyball. Our coach would always say, "excuses are a sign of weakness". It drove me nuts because sometimes there was a valid reason it didn't get done the right way. But if you step back and realize, if I just stop complaining I can fix it. That's my random thought for the night.

Rachel said...

Great post - very inspiring! And I love the pictures - that looks like our park! We must live fairly near each other...