Thursday, September 24, 2009

baby steps

Collins isn't walking yet, but when he decides to... he will be ready! I found these shoes, Umi, and they are the cutest things ever. Soooooo cute that I felt the need to buy 3 ( the boy needs a pair to match every outfit ;)! Don't ask me what I spent... it would make you {Gasp}. One thing that I forgot when I bought them... my children have Fred Flinstone feet, this means that while these shoes fit, they won't for long! So I decided to let my readers in on my great misfortune- Comment on my blog and I will put your name in a hat. When he grows out of them I will pass a pair along to the name I draw!
Collins checkin out his new shoes...
...and a tractor
checkum' out!


Lisa Blackmon said...

I love the shoes!

Rachael said...

cute!!! put my name in that hat for sure! :)

Jaime said...

those are so cute! where did you get them? and pick me! pick me! because you know I am planning to have a boy! i need them! ;)

Danielle said...

Wowzers...those shoes are so cute! I want them, but I'm pretty sure they won't fit my little guy. So, sad for me-we are a no entry commenter. :) Great idea for recycling the shoes!

Bethany said...

Cute, cute shoes!! It's so hard to find cute boy stuff after having a girl ;)