Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Favorite Things

I figure if Oprah can have a favorite things list, so can I! So here goes my top ten... In no particular order!
1. Yogurt Mountain. It's new in Mountain Brook and its the greatest thing. Think 16 flavors of fat free yogurt and endless toppings, all "serve yourself"!
2. Heather Cummans Photography. She captures the sweetest images on a matted fiber paper. While its not cheap, I have never regreted one penny spent on those pics! Love her work!!
3. Ecover. Its an organic all purpose cleaner that works! It shines granite beautifully, you can mop the floors with it, clean the bathroom, and the high chair... I love it! Throw away the 20 other cleaners you have and exchange it for this... its non toxic and good for the environment! I got mine at Whole Foods.... oh and it last forever!
4. The Nesting Place. It's in Cahaba Heights Village and its a wonderful store with great gifts. It has everything you just can't possibly live without! Like this cute basket that folds and holds everything perfectly...
5. gDiapers. {gasp}... your still into that???(yes) Didn't the poop scare you off??(no) Yes, I still cloth diaper and I love it. Actually, I would love any cloth diaper because I love what they represent.
6. David Leeman. He owns Circle L crafts and he has made much of the furniture in our house. His quality far exceeds anything you can purchase in a store and you get to design it yourself. And did I mention he is affordable?? I love supporting local businesses and individuals. ( oh and I HATE Walmart if you were wondering!)
yes, this is my 11 month old climbing to the top bunk all by himself!
7. Charlies soap. It is a organic laundry detergent that I starting using for my cloth diapers and ended up using for all of our clothes. I promise you it cleans better that tide. There is no build up of yuck things.
I love this pic of our laundry room because it looks like I'm a total hippie... I'm not, I promise ;)
8. Dr.Brown Bottles. Ok, I am a huge fan of breastfeeding, I think its the greatest thing you can do for your baby, but if you have to turn to the bottle - This is the one. I love glass ( no it doesn't break easily), after the whole BPA thing, plastics make me leary. While these are a tiny bit harder to clean, I think its well worth it.
9. My running shoes. I love them simply because they represent discipline in my life and have taken me further than I have ever gone! Love that you can slip a gps tracker in these and sync it with your iphone... only nike and mac could ever come up with that!
10. MacBook Pro. Love this computer and I assure you I will never own a PC again!



Brandi said...

I pretty sure if don't qualify yet your are getting close to being a "hippie". :) We have a tote similar to the one you posted. I LOVE it!!!! Ours zips closed and the top is monogrammed. We use it weekly. We got it from a girl that goes to church with us. Check out her website they have tons of cute stuff.

Rachel said...

Great list! I have to say, you're looking hippier and hippier! (Or, as it is called these days, "Crunchy").

The furniture looks fascinating...

Jenny said...

Like your list a lot! I need to check out the cleaner.

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

i love that i love so many things on your list...including david leeman! i need to give him a call soon! hope you're doing well!