Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a day...

Ugh... My day began at 4am with Brendans work calling EVERY phone possible MULTIPLE times. Needless to say it woke the household up... I am learning this is a lovely benefit of the job. Then once we got out of the house I realized that my wallet was no longer in my possession. After HOURS of searching we came to the conclusion that it was stolen at Gold's Gym the other day when I decided to park far away and {might} have forgotten to lock the car. After driving around looking for it (which everyone assured me was a waste of time) I came to grips with the matter and had a small funeral for my wallet:
Good bye wallet that I bought when I had Jack gently tucked inside of my womb. Good bye EVERYONE's social security card, I am sure I will have joyous hours trying to replace you and ward off identity theft. Good Bye credit cards that I had and never used, now I get to wait on hold while trying to cancel you. Good bye nursing license, It should be interesting getting clearance to take my ACLS class in 15 days without you. Good bye Starbucks card that had a zero balance, I was so hoping someone would recharge you. Good bye to every other card that I can't remember (because I was up at 4am due to the fact that another Burglar Looser was stealing alcohol), I am sure you will all come back to haunt me.

If that doesn't make for a bad day... while eating dinner we hear the ice cream man. A few minutes later I decide that chasing down the ice cream man would certainly redeem the day. So UP we HOPPED from the table, leaving our ever so healthy dinner waiting, we jumped in the car and off we went searching. Sweet Jack had his window down hollering "come back ice cream man" with a HUGE grin on his face. We were so cool! Were... for about 30 minutes when it became clear the ice cream man had alluded us. Ugh... not a happy 3 year old, and certainly not a happy baby in the backseat. We ended up at Doodles, just not the same if I might say so myself.
Looking forward to tomorrow. I am sure it will be better. Cheap certainly, I have nothing to spend.

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