Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Quick Getaway

Last Thursday we got a wild hair, thankful its not the kind that gets me to paint the house or rip down a wall, nope this wild hair caused us to pack our bags and leave for an adventure! Literally at 3:30 we decided on this adventure and by 4:00 we were pulling out. We knew we wanted to take the boys to the battleship USS Alabama and the rest we just decided as we went.

The Battleship did not disappoint!! Without a doubt the funnest thing the boys have ever done...





The memorial park also had a submarine to explore as well as an aircraft museum...



We stayed at the Renaissance Mobile Marriott which was right across from a children's museum, the mobile bay port, a park, downtown mobile ( which included a fun trip to a chocolatier and peanut depot ). After we had seen everything there we called and made reservations to our favorite place, The Grand Hotel in Fairhope.

Nothing but fun was had there...




We had such a great time with having no agenda! We just explored and had fun... and lots of room service! By far our most successful family vacation to date :)

Already looking forward to the next trip!


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Tiffany Wallace said...

Thats so awesome! Sounds like a great time!!! Your Kitchen looks amazing by the way!!! Your so talented!