Friday, August 19, 2011


My sweet Jack is officially a kindergartner!


We are finishing up our first week and it is going great! I just cannot say enough wonderful things about his school and what a positive experience this has been for all of us. As Jack always does, he has won the hearts of all the teachers there!


He loves everything about kindergarten! His most favorite things are art class, library, music, recess, and fire drills ;)

When we took Jack his first day, Collins kept telling him how happy he was for him and how proud he was of him. It was so sweet! Jack held Collins by the hand and walked him around school... melted my heart.


Before his first day we went on a special date to Starbucks.


And we picked our teacher an apple...


And away we went, nothing but SMILES!


My favorite quote by the principle, "This is so much more than a school, its a family".

Although it is a huge change for our family, its a good change, a necessary change, a full on blessing!



Lisa said...

So proud of Jack! He'll be well liked. What you said about Collins and Jack melted my heart too! Love, L

Leigh said...

Jack is going to do great and I have no doubt his teachers are already in love with him. And that Collins is just too cute! I could just eat him up! I don't know how you have TWO boys. I let my one boy get away with too much already because little boys can just melt a mama's heart in a special way. :-)

Lyka Ricks said...

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