Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet July - The kitchen is done!

It's been a long time coming, but the "after pictures" of the kitchen are now ready :)

Every project we do always seems to be so much more involved and more time consuming than planned!! I am so happy with the end result though!!!




My stools that I got on sale at Restoration Hardware that I absolutely love! Still waiting on the seat cushions to arrive.


If you can't remember the kitchen before, I took these right as we were knocking down walls.



The kitchen looks and feels a thousand times bigger! Much improved :)

Now on to other subjects... Is it me or is the summer flying by??

We are spending all of our time with friends and having so much fun! Isn't it true... Life is so much better shared with those you love.

We have been spending lots of time at the pool this summer and when we are not at the pool, we are still getting wet!



We've also been on a cooking kick. This little kitchen has turned gourmet!! Its been so much fun and yummy!



Hope you guys are having a great summer!


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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

Love the kitchen!!! Wish I could see it in person!