Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This day came way too soon


I can't believe this day is upon me. Collins went to school / summer camp.

We thought it would be fun for Collins to join Jack a handful of days this summer at preschool. What I didn't anticipate was how lonely I would be. It is the first time I've been without him on a weekday in 19 months.

It kinda gave me baby fever { GASP }

Don't worry though! I quickly found things to get into, and I rediscovered freedom!

**** Back to Collins****

To win the heart of his teacher, Collins pick her an apple...

He thought he better taste it first...
Luckily we have an apple tree and there is more where that came from ;)

He was so excited about going. He wouldn't take his backpack off all morning. I thought he would be grasping at me, screaming... NOPE, none of that, he quickly ran off to play with his friends.

Jack was such a big help. He just took his hand and showed him all around school. Such a great big brother.

Hopefully a good education will keep these boys from having to do this later in life...



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Court, this is tooooo cute. That bag is as big as Collins. Made me tear up just thinking about Barrett getting that big.
Rachel M said...

That backpack just cracks me up!!!
It looks like something Brendan would use.

Anonymous said...

Haha! The boys are adorable Courtney! And it is so sweet that Jack looks after Collins like that!

Ashley H.

Lisa said...

Backpack pic is too funny. So glad he enjoyed school. Ix-nay on the baby fever though...

Shea said...

You crack me up! Looking forward to our girls' night in a couple weeks!!