Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Years...

Yep, That's how long the two of us have been married!


You want to know what has changed the most in the 5 years I've been married to Bren????

One word : WARDROBE

When I meet Bren his closet consisted of 10 pairs of identical Levi jeans ( light wash ), 10 collared pique shirts, 1 blue blazer, 1 floral tie, 1 pair brown lace up boots, 1 pair of tennis shoes, and lots of cop stuff.

No shorts, No swimsuit, NOTHING designer. It was clear... he was a heterosexual.


He now has over 10 pairs of dress shoes alone.

He now has over 30 ties. ( I am happy to report the floral tie is at the bottom of the landfill )

He had 12 suits. I gently encouraged him to donate half. He now has 6 suits. He basically collects them, because other than funerals and weddings, he does not wear them.

He use to wear his socks like this...

He now wears them like this...

The man who had ZERO dress shoes, now ask for his shoes by their designer name.

The man who didn't own a suit, now has a couple thousand dollars tied up in them!

The man who only wore boots, now wears sandals.

The man that thought denim was the only kind of fabric, now has expanded his fabrics to include: linen, seersucker, and satin.

In a 1950's house with 5 closets, Brendan takes up half.

I didn't make him this way, oh no, he evolved on his own!

He is my sweet, loving, best decision I ever made husband.

One thing is clear, however... Based on closet alone... The man I married 5 years ago is a Metrosexual!

Wonder what the next 5 years will bring???
I'm not sure, but I am certainly looking forward to it!

Love you so much Brendan Fuller!!!

Hope I don't get in too much trouble for this post ;)



Jaime said...

Brendan- Jaime sat me down to read this. Dont worry, i wont tell anyone.

Shea said...

I need to step it up! Mark's closet as not nearly seen the love that Brendan's has!

Rachel said...

That's hilarious!!! I think that MY wardrobe has done that over the 9 years of our marriage, but Chris' is still pretty much the same. :)