Saturday, June 5, 2010

Design on more than a Dime

Our kitchen is clearly protesting us! In one week our dishwasher and fridge went out.

Now, I must say, I was as happy about this as Brendan was when the tv went out! I have been wanting to update these two things for quite a while. We flipped our kitchen before, but thought it was wasteful to get rid of perfectly working appliances. So up until now, those have been here since I moved in.

So, we put in a new dishwasher and are still awaiting the arrival of our new fridge.

All this change and excitement gave me the itch to change one more thing, the backsplash.

I thought Brendan was going to kill me since the paint incidence had become such a nightmare, but with a little persuasion, I had him willing to help.

It has been the easiest project to date and I am thrilled with the results.


(I only took pics from one angle because I want to wait for the new fridge to show the other.)

This made the project so much more enjoyable :)

Old houses are such a labor of love, but I just love them!!! Most people find it odd that my husband builds big, gorgeous new homes... and we live in a 60 year old home. I just find small, cozy cottages so warming.

There is something special about this home that I just can't explain!



The Latham Family said...

Mmmm...riesling! My favorite! Oh, and I am loving the backsplash, too! :)

Rachael said...

LOVE the backsplash! I am with you about the old houses. We bought an old one and it's not even as old as I'd like. I just love them...they have so much charm! Unfortunately, we haven't been able to update yet so ours isn't quite so charming. :(

Lisa said...

Mmm...that is a fine wine you have there...what year is that Yellow Tail? 2010 I bet. :) I have some in my kitchen too!
The backsplash looks really good. I can't believe I never noticed the copper before.

Lisa said...

With a little persuasion huh?

Jaime said...

yea, that is pretty awesome. i like it a lot. i started painting the kids' bathroom today and i don't like it at all. i didn't go with your green though. i didn't think it would work in there, so i got a blue, but it is not good. grrr. i am going to have to start over. picking the perfect paint color is sooo frustrating!