Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So much to blog about..

OK, well I noticed that I haven't blogged in a while. We have been SOOOO busy! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and stayed super busy all weekend eating and visiting with folks. On Friday Me, Brendan, and Collins went black friday shopping and got lots of good deals. Brendan got his Birthday-Christmas present, we got most of Jacks presents, and I hit the 25% off Janie and Jack sale - as most of you know it is my favorite store - the good thing is I didn't buy to much, the bad thing is... the reason I didn't buy too much is because we all ready have it! We watched the heart-wrenching game on Saturday and we cut our tree down on Sunday. I have so many great pics of the christmas tree farm, but I haven't loaded my pics yet ( I will work on that tonight ). Collins is growing like a weed and is sleeping 7 hour stretches now!!! Praise the Lord!!!
Other than that I am obsessed with coupons these days and staying on the computer! When I get a free moment ( which is rare ) that is certainly what I do. I also just got my pictures back from Collins' newborn photography shoot, so I am about to figure out where in the heck I am going to put them all. I hate to take down the ones we have because I love them so... and they are all so expensive it would be like boxing up hundred dollar bills! Anyways its a good problem to have! The pictures turned out so good and I could stare at them all day - I am SO blessed to have two beautiful boys!

...going to upload some photos.

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Jaime said...

i like your new snowflakey layout... it makes me feel like i should get a cup of hot chocolate and sit by a warm fire (i wish i had one). we need to try to hang out soon, before Christmas and get Amanda too.