Wednesday, October 6, 2010

painted change

Well my "new leaf" is going super fabulous!! I love painting and I'm learning so much.

Most of all I love doing something for me, a break, change, using a different side of my brain!

I might not be Picasso yet, but I am closer than I was ;)





Ok, so I won't quit my day job, but this might be my new night job.



Shea said...

Well, as usual, I read your blog and wonder where all your extra time is coming from. But, your work, is very good! I especially love the tree one! I want to know info on where your taking this class. I've painted a few things on a whim, but would love to have actual lessons.

danielle said...

I like the angel one the best! But I agree with Shea...all of them are great. Wish I could paint. My Mom is awesome at it! Wished I would have inherited some of her talent. Maybe with practice?? :)

Lisa said...

You have a night job. ;)

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

love it. looks great!