Sunday, May 23, 2010

A comfortable change

Our trip to Fairhope inspired change. I love the bedding at The Grand, and while we don't quite have the funds to live there, I thought we could bring The Grand to our house...

I decided to do away with our queen bed and go for a KING.

Of course the topper had to be a down duvet :)

The new bed change has turned our life around! Tons of room to stretch out and comfort that is off the charts. When I close my eyes, we are back in Fairhope. Brendan even plays along and brings me coffee in bed.

What a huge difference a small change makes. I love my house even more... if thats possible ;)

Our room is the place to be now.

Ohh... and the tree house... it's coming along too...

A long way from finished, but still coming along.

Brendan promises me he could finish it if I would stop adding other projects!
( I am going to try )

This superhero needs a place to hide...



Jaime said...

i like the headboard. your room looks great! maybe you should just keep the blue. ?? is that what you're thinking now?

Danielle said...

I need your help Courtney!! WOW, your room looks amazing. You really have a gift for style and decor. I think your entire home is awesome. I want to copycat it for my house!! :-)

Brandi said...

The room looks great and so does the tree house! It's rude but I'm inviting us over to play when it is finished. The slide looks like tons of fun. Great seeing you guys the other night!

Lisa said...

I LOVE IT!!! LOOKS so awesome. Right out of a magazine! I wish I could come stretch out in there...I mean, not with you & myself. :)

jj said...

that treehouse is amazing!! we might hire brendan at some point! :)

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

bedroom looks does the treehouse! our next visit, we'll have to see it in person.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...